Latency to Brokers

The latency table below made for information purpose only and NOT for recommending any brokerage services and trading venues listed in the table. In other word UltraFX VPS is a neutral hardware colocation and connectivity service and we DO NOT advise or encourage anyone to choose financial service provider listed in the table below. The latency measurements took in the past irrregularly and we do not guarantee the accuracy in the present of the measured values.

HOTSPOT / Cross-Connected/
LMAX UK FIX API /Cross-connected/
LMAX USA FIX API /Cross-connected/
LMAX UK via Internet
LMAX USA via Internet
OneZero Financial Systems
PrimeXM UK /Cross-Connected/
Renesource Capital
Saxo Bank /Cross-Connected/
Squared Financial
Stage Five Trading Corp.
Traders Trust /Cross-Connected/
Varianse /Cross-Connected/
ViproMarkets /Cross-Connected/