Speed mattersOn 10th February 2016 we completed a short latency test using the LatencyTester V2 EA.

The EA measuring the time between sending one order and receiving


blocked ipWe are not blocking or speed bumping the connection to any brokerage firms or execution venues. Our ports are available to connect to wherever you


MT4Most people test latency with PING messages. Unfortunately PING messages give only rough measures about the latency on overall systems and most of the time


time is moneyFX market is considered slow compared to the equity exchanges. Especially from the retail FX trader perspective where real latency competition often exist only in


LondonThe foreign exchange market is actually a two level market. The top level is the interbank market and the second level is the non‐interbank FX m


Safety firstBesides all the benefits that computerized automated trading offers, there is additional risk involved.

In any situation where machines take part in a process, there is


Customers' opinion

"I used UltraFXVPS Alpha Premium vps, and also their HFT VPS, and am very satisfied. UltraFXVPS is very careful not to oversell their vps servers. UltraFXVPS staff wants you to have a very reliable vps for your automated or manual trading strategies. I highly recommend them."

Trader from USA

"Just inform that my ... brokerage account is working smoothly now and I would like to understand what made your company networking so quick. I do have a vps under New York data center which is supplied by one of famous network company, even I have <1 ms ping but the execution time is taking longer than under ultra VPS servers. Btw the same terminal allocate under ultra VPS server with captured speed 75 ms.
Do you mind to share more information about this and I just curious why? I am considering to move all my terminals to ultra VPS now."

Client from Malaysia

"Recently, I use the UltraFX Premium VPS Alpha. I am very pleased with this package. I have used many VPS server but none were as effective as this one. The perfect devices, suitable price for the quality. I would recommend to anyone!"

Tomasz Komraus
ZRB Profbud Company Owner